ICECOAT -Pink protects your phone from frost, dents and moisture

  • The phone is placed in the spacious protective sleeve together with its case
  • ICECOAT is held securely in your hand, hung around your neck or under your arm, placed in your inside jacket pocket and on your belt
  • During a phone call, the phone is kept inside the protective sleeve, in which case external noises do not disturb, and the cold does not wear your battery
  • Effectively protects against dents
  • The waterproof and durable surface material is easy to clean
  • The Thinsulate padding keeps the protective sleeve warm even during harsh frost conditions
  • Suitable for all phone models, size: Height 18cm, width 10cm
  • The reflective surface on the rear is easily visible when speaking on the phone in the dark
  • Finnish Design, the protective sleeve has been designed and tested in Finland