Winter jacket for smartphones – ICECOAT was created to meet a demand

Olli at Maunula ski jump making race course in -73

While going around Töölönlahti with a group of friends in the frosty winter weather, I realised that my mobile phone had died although I had just charged the battery. I heard from the other boys that I was not the only one to experience this. We tried to come up with a solution for the problem, such as “wrap the phone in a woolly sock”, etc. I tried that idea too and it worked rather well but did not quite meet the challenge. Could there be a solution that would perhaps be even better?

In the past, I had made skiing clothes for a living, so the development of the idea didn’t seem too daunting. I thought about the matter for a while and decided to make my own version of a winter jacket for smartphones.

As always, taking an idea and making it in to a ready product took a lotof time, and dozens of metres of fabric were used. Thanks to the support and encouragement of my friends, and my studies in planning,I finally had the industrial version in my hand. Development ideas were obviously left on the drawing table, but the final product combined the features that I think make for good winter protection.

After several tests, I can say that ICECOAT responds to the challenge.

Olli Uuksulainen